happy week of thanksgiving!

hey everybody-sorry i’ve been so absolutely atrocious in keeping the site updated lately.  but i’ve got some good news that might explain the reason…

a couple weeks ago i got a place in nashville, TN where i’ll be spending about 1/2 my time for the next few months writing songs and playing drums, with (hopefully) a more permanent situation here (i’m in TN now) as the new year progresses.  i’m pretty damn excited about it, and i really appreciate you who’ve sent messages of congrats and whatnot.  i’ll still be playing in and around des moines, just on a more limited basis, as i try to move away from the “cover artist” segment of my career.  have any questions?  shoot me an email at bonedrum@mchsi.com and i’ll be happy to chat with you!  and a safe and wonderfully fattening thanksgiving to you and yours!




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